Sky Games started the first foundations with enthusiastic, young people who aspire to contribute to the technology market in general and the game industry in particular.

Playing games and making games is an integral part of the lives of all Sky Games members. We share the same goal of creating the best quality products, which are well received, loved.


Sky Games' goal in the next 3 years is in the top 10 leading game studios in SEA. We dare to think, dare to do, have good plans, strategies, and have the consensus of all members for a great goal.


Build - Conquer - Breakthrough.

Core Values

1. People are the most important core value, when all are determined, all goals can be conquered. In Sky Games, your efforts are recognized in the fairest way with the criterion "always listening, ready to understand".

2. Enthusiasm: The common point of all members in the Sky Games house is enthusiasm, the spirit of willingness to devote and always make efforts in each product.

3. Creativity is indispensable for game industry personnel, this is also the key to creating the success of each product. We always have factors with the ability to come up with many new and unique ideas, with a high chance of success.