Tuyển dụng
Chance in your hands
Conquer the world with Sky Games!
The benefit to become a Sky Gamer?


Dynamic, enthusiastic, comfortable. Nice office, good benefits


Chance to develop your skills, learn and gain experience, approach to new technologies


You can become anyone, in any position with your efforts
Will you become a Sky Gamer?

You have a spirit, a goal and always try hard to achieve that goal

Grow to elevate yourself. Yourself today must be better than yourself yesterday!

You are proactive, responsible, and enthusiastic at work

You are a person who is eager to learn, persevere, interact well, together we will create the success of a team

Give up thinking old, approach, learn and adapt the new knowledge to create a breakthrough

All your efforts and efforts will be worthy of recognition here. We will be a solid team
You become what you believe

Being side by side with the team to conquer big and small projects makes my life much more meaningful. It's a pity that I didn't enter Sky Games sooner!

Nguyễn Thanh Tùng
Game Artist